Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice (LSLC&H) honors those who served our Country by serving them near the end of life.

We offer hospice care to veterans with a wide range of advanced illnesses. Our team of experienced hospice professionals are trained to understand the veteran’s unique needs at the end of life.

The U.S. population will include about 15-20 million Americans who are military veterans through 2030, according to US Census Bureau, and thousands of them will die each year.

“Our mission and our goal with the care we provide is to give every veteran respect, compassion and peace at the end of life.” Chuck Tooman, We Honor Veterans coordinator.

By recognizing the unique needs of veterans who are coping with advanced illness, Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice can guide these men and women toward a more peaceful ending. This is especially important for veterans who experienced combat or other trauma, particularly if unaddressed experiences, memories or emotions resurface near the end of life.

We Honor Veterans Participation

LSLC&H works in  cooperation with We Honor Veterans, an established program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that focuses on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgment of veterans.


As part of We Honor Veterans, our staff trains and educates community partners and caregivers on veterans’ unique needs. LSLC&H thoroughly reviews the military history of each veteran patient upon admission to develop a full picture of their medical, psychosocial and spiritual needs at the end of life. 


Veterans Benefits

LSLC& H's team members are trained to support the difficult circumstances faced by some veterans near the end of life. We work with physicians, social workers, spiritual care and other community support networks to develop a plan of care to support the holistic needs and goals of the veteran. 


The VA or community-based healthcare providers can refer veterans to LSLC&H.  Veterans also can contact us directly to discuss our services.


We maintain a strong, strategic relationships with veteran organizations  and support groups to facilitate special recognitions and help connect local veterans with their seriously ill comrades, each of whom can benefit from the other’s perspective and experience.


Other key features of our services for veterans include:

  • A streamlined referral and admission process
  • Coverage of hospice care for veterans by the VA, TRICARE, Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and other forms of reimbursement
  • Coordination of care with the staff of the local DJ Jacobetti VA medical center, including joint visits when appropriate
  • Referrals for additional community services, as needed
  • A full range of bereavement support, including grief and loss programs, support groups and memorial services for veterans’ loved ones up to 13 months after a death
  • Recognition and celebration of important events, including Veterans Day and military anniversaries

We Honor Veterans recognizes four levels of participation. LSLC&H is currently a level 3 partner organization and we plan to be at level 4 by the end of the year. 

Veteran's Stories

Sometimes Veterans simply enjoy a quiet conversation with a person who cares.

The new Year is such a time. A time for reflecting, for looking back over life, thinking about what might have been, about how things actually were, also accepting what is at the moment. Sometimes with joy, sometimes with tears. And now, looking ahead.

Such was the case with JC, a 95-year-old Veteran who had lived a rich and varied life. His “own special room” was filled wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, with certificates of accomplishment, honors from persons and organizations, memories of vacations long ago enjoyed.

“Every one of those has a story”, he said, as he motioned for the hospice Chaplain to take a seat. “Which would you like to talk about first?”, the Chaplain asked. And the journey began.

JC had no bitter memories. He just wanted to talk, to once more reflect and reminisce. That’s where he found life, and significance and meaning at the moment.

Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice staff are trained to listen to Veterans’ stories. Veterans stories are sometimes the high light of our day.

Thank you, Veterans, for sharing.




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Our goal is to serve our courageous veterans—to honor their service at a time when they need it most. Please contact us at 906-225-7760 for more information.