Spiritual Care


Spiritual Care is about making a difference in the lives of our hospice patients and their caregivers, and your Spiritual Care Team is here to offer care, compassion, encouragement and comfort at every level and situation whether you attend church or other formal place of religious worship or not.

Your Spiritual Care Team believes that every person has a spiritual dimension, those non-material aspects of life represented in our relationships with family, friends or greater power, which provide meaning to our lives. These life values guide our responses to our illness and how we experience it with our family and caregivers.

Members of your Spiritual Care Team bring to you a combined 84 years of both medical and spiritual care  experience and offer memorable comfort, companionship and compassion to those traveling through the hospice experience. Pastors and chaplains from area churches are also available to help provide spiritual support and comfort whenever needed.


Your Hospice Spiritual Care Team may:


  • Update your spiritual advisor or place of worship (with your permission) about your status or make a referral on your behalf to a faith community.
  • Explore with you questions surrounding the meaning of life and beliefs in an afterlife.
  • Participate in or lead prayer and meditation.
  • Explore your relationships, contributions and achievements.
  • Offer fellowship and conversation.
  • Provide a safe environment to express emotions that are difficult to share at times or are overwhelming for you, your family or caregivers.
  • Provide total spiritual support when a patient has no current affiliation with a spiritual advisor and does not wish to be reconnected with a past spiritual advisor.
  • Provide you or your family with crisis spiritual intervention at your request.
  • Provide for sacraments and conduct rituals when desired.
  • Help plan a memorial, funeral, graveside service or other rituals surrounding grief or loss.